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Inside Job

This one definitely needs some work, but I just felt some odd urge to post it.

I hope it has some hidden potential.

This bigoted wiring
throws down its gauntlet
"Are you like me...
should I care what you think?"

At the failure of this instant test
all words can be discarded,
as mouths tighten and eyes fold up.

This then safe little grinning group,
insulated from change.
from these outside evil "others".
Bundled in hardened smiles,
blind entitlement gripped tight
they swallow whole their
sampled ancient history.

These allegiances bring one back
to the origin of this school yard tale
where one look from the collective eyes
could make one feel like diddly.

  Though you wanted no role as puppet
  to their lazily strung up show,
  the mirror just didn't look the same
  when you stood ashamed
  as those eyes took you in
  and spit you out.

  As mouths spilled their putrid tales
  and summoned you in to shiny teeth.
  Chewed up and blown out
  until your soft putty-form
  showed every bite.

  That flush as you looked
  at a solitary marked up self
  in your reflected wall.
  Patching adopted wounds with
  spackle and paint to hide the scars
  lest someone new notice
  that you had been marked
  by this bitter losing battle.

One grows weary of this age old tale,
this cycle of woe and fright.
Stored up inside any able minded me
is the independent pluck
to stare in the eyes of these
negated offenders.

Be no puppet poppet.
This walk is for these solo shoes,
indelible eyes on the trail.
Blind to this sad
oft repeated
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