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Interest in the Workshop

Hi, this message is for nineblackcats

(You appear to have your settings such that I cannot reply personally to the message you sent me. So I'll post my reply here, and perhaps you'll see it.)

I think there were several people who were interested in getting this community up and running, but it never seemed to get off the ground.

I'm still interested, and I keep a watch. If nothing else, you can be guaranteed that I'll reply with some critique.

Some have found my advice helpful, others have been very opposed to it, but I can assure you I put a lot of thought into it.

The only thing to consider is that I will assume any poem posted is looking for serious critique. In other words, be prepared for advice like, "Cut this line, it isn't working," or "I loved your metaphor, but I can't help feeling there's more work to be done to flesh it out."

I look forward to seeing your work!

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